11/9 4 Rage 1 Delta United Gold W
11/08 5 Rage 0 Fremont Clash W
10/19 9 Rage 0 ACC Mavericks W
10/11 4 Rage 4 Livermore Arsenal T
RECORD:   Overall: 15-4-3   League: 9-0-1
Date Time Field Opponent
    Pleasanton Rage U18AC Home Page ¢75    

          September 28, 2008
Contra Costa Times

The Rage improved to 5-0 in league play with a pair of wins over Marin FC and Walnut Creek Rampage. On Saturday, the Rage defeated Marin 4-2. Tiffany Leung and Krista Bormann scored first-half goals. Leung and Katelyn Golik added goals in the second half to secure the victory. On Sunday the Rage recorded its fourth shutout with a 3-0 win over Walnut Creek. Golik got the scoring going on a nice crossing pass and assist from Claire Kennedy. Toni Gonis scored her first goal of the year and Ailsa Smith scored the third goal.

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